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Corfu Sightseeing


the summer views (especially at sunset) from the Kaiser's Throne, a rock outcrop above Pélekas village improved by Kaiser Wilhelm II between 1908 and 1912.

Key Areas

Watch Corfu's Easter celebrations (14 to 16 Apr), perhaps the most vivid in Greece. On Good Friday afternoon and evening, each parish parades its epitáfios (Funeral Bier of Christ) as brass bands play solemn dirges played. On Saturday, specially made pots are hurled from upper storeys, to banish the bad luck of Judas' betrayal. After the midnight Resurrection service, fireworks are set off above town.

Day Trips

To Eríkoussa, one of the three tiny Diapóndia islets northwest of Corfu, for lovely beaches and a slow pace. Stay overnight or take a day trip from either Sidari or Agios Stefanos Gyrou resorts.

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