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The second biggest of the Ionian Islands that lie off Greece’s north west coast, Corfu is not only one of the Mediterranean’s more popular holiday destinations, it’s one of its most beautiful too. 

Three thousand years ago Homer called Corfu ‘a beautiful and rich land’ and not much has changed, except of course for the pink northern Europeans sizzling on its beaches. This island is incredibly green with lush rolling plains bursting with over 600 species of wild flowers. It has miles of olive groves and beautiful mountain backdrops.

And when you’ve tired of walking around World Heritage listed towns complete with some superb Venetian architecture, then why not head down to Corfu’s many beaches, which will leave you breathless. It’s no wonder this island has been the prized possession of so many, from Byzantines and Venetians to the French and the British, all of whom have left their mark. 



April 2014
Stock up on food products from mainland Greece at Paramithias Traditional Cheeses. The hard cheeses are made from sheep's or goats' milk or a mixture of both, and the speciality fetas are worth a try. Dry groceries by the bag and sweet things are also on sale (12 Velissariou Street, Corfu Town).


April 2014
Visit Corfu Town on 19 April for Greece's best Easter parades. Saturday is most eventful, with the 11am pot-throwing ceremony and display of philharmonic bands, while the midnight mass is more devotional in style (Esplanade Square).

Key Areas

July 2013
Visit Corfu Town's New Fortress, dating from the 16th century and only "new" in comparison to the Old Fortress (1,000 years more elderly). In its time, it embodied the zenith of military architecture. Looming over the historical centre of the city, it invites exploration.

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