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Munich – that German city full to bursting with Bavarian charm.

This jewel in Germany’s crown is one of its most popular tourist destinations as well as being one of its most sophisticated cultural centres. On the one side, it’s a city full of lofty works of art, stunning architecture and historical buildings, opera, theatre and more. While, on the other, it’s a city full of warmth and openness, with just a touch of that German fairytale village feeling.

The city’s motto is ‘München mag Dich’, or ‘Munich Likes You’, and it certainly does. You’ll stroll from museum to cathedral down adorable lanes and pass gingerbread-like half-timbered houses on the way. It’s the perfect mix. Add to that a strong contingent of trendy art-cafes full of life and conversation and, of course, plenty of beer gardens with perfect pilsners and a lively German gusto that has remained unchanged for years. 



No trip to Munich would be complete without a look around the Old Town. Get your bearings by climbing the 306 steps of the Alter Peter church tower, just off Marienplatz. At the top, you'll be treated to an unrivalled view. From here, all the major sights are within about a 15 minute walk, finishing up at the infamous Hofbräuhaus where a litre of the city's finest always goes down well.


From 15 April to 1 May, Munich celebrates its annual Frühlingsfest or Spring Festival. The event is a slightly smaller version of the infamous Oktoberfest but is well worth a visit for its beer tents, fairground rides and food stands. (Theresienwiese U4/5)

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