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Cheap flights to Dusseldorf

Modern and medieval, exhilarating and relaxing, Dusseldorf is a city of contradictions that will have you wanting to come back again and again. 

Back in the 14th century, the people of the small town of Dorf were famous for inventing the cartwheel. Today the locals of the now much bigger city of Dusseldorf don’t practice gymnastics so much, preferring instead to enjoy the fast life of this city of trade and cultural goings-on.

A modern city in every way, Dusseldorf’s architecture is edgy and avant-garde, swooping at you from all angles. This is a place where sharp-suited workers zip between meetings and international jet setters attend some of the world’s largest trade fairs. If you’re after a pace that is both lively and exhilarating, day or night, then this could be the town for you. 



July 2014
On 11-20 July the usually peaceful Oberkassel meadows on the banks of the Rhine are transformed into the Größte Kirmes am Rhein, a buzzing blend of folk festival, beer tents and one of Germany's biggest funfairs, with a traditional procession on 13 July and a spectacular firework display on 18 July. duesseldorf-tourismus.de

Key Areas

April 2014
South along the riverbank from the Old Town is the Media Harbour, Düsseldorf's revamped dockland quarter. A great place for brunch, it's also an open-air expo of famous-name modern architecture. Most eye catching of all is the curved, leaning Neuer Zollhof complex by Bilbao Guggenheim designer Frank Gehry.

Day Trips

July 2014
Escape the bustling city with an hour-long river cruise to Kaiserwerth, Düsseldorf's historic northernmost district, home to a romantic ruined 10th-century castle, idyllic beer gardens and (briefly) to Florence Nightingale, who visited a Lutheran religious community here before rising to international prominence during the Crimean War. w-flotte.de

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