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Nantes Sightseeing

The metropole is one of the major cultural, artistic and creative pole in France but you haven’t seen anything yet…Château des ducs de Bretagne, lieu unique, Nantes-Angers Opera house, the Hangar à bananes exhibition place, The Machines de l’île, the Memorial museum dedicated to the Abolition of slavery, the open-air museum of Estuaire, La Fabrique, the festivals, the heritage… Come to Nantes to discover this scattered monument that makes of Nantes a sought-after destination, as a city of art and culture.

Guided Tours
The Nantes Tourism Office called “A journey To Nantes” organises a variety of general and themed tours of the city. Phone: +33 2 72 64 04 79 | Internet: www.nantes-tourisme.com

Château des ducs de Bretagne
Château des ducs de Bretagne (Castle of the Dukes of Brittany) was renovated and re-opened since the beginning of 2007, after a complete closure. The castle now houses the Nantes History Museum, displaying more than 850 historic objects. The former Ducal Palace also holds temporary exhibitions and cultural events all year round. A free-access rampart offers many viewpoints of the fortress and of the city. Address: 4, Place Marc Elder | Phone: +33 2 51 17 49 48 (from abroad) /+33 (0)811 46 46 44 (local rate call) | Internet: www.chateau-nantes.fr

Machines de l’ile
The Machines de l’ile is an artistic, touristic and cultural site in Nantes since 2007. Three major artworks, the Great Elephant (2007), the Merry Go Round of the Marine Worlds (2012) and the Huge Heron Tree (project) symbolise doors to the world of dreams and magical journeys. A mixture between the invented worlds of Jules Verne and the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci. Address: Les Chantiers - Bd Léon Bureau | Phone: +33 (0)810 12 12 25 (local call rates) | Internet: www.lesmachines-nantes.fr Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire
Starting from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire this is an open air collection of artworks: each creation, signed by an internationally renowned artist leads you to an atypical place or to a remarkable site of the estuary of the Loire River. Since 2007, over 30 artworks have now been the stones of a monument scattered along 60 km. This artistic trail will make you discover a fascinating territory, its heritage and its natural resources. Phone: +33 2 40 75 75 07 | Internet: www.estuaire.info

Le Voyage à Nantes
The 'Voyage à Nantes' invites you on a sensitive and poetic discovery in a single 15-km trail of 30 stops, from the 'Lieu Unique' venue to the western tip of the Isle de Nantes. Expect the unexpected! Opening hours: from July 3rd to August 30th - 2015 Phone: +33 (0) 892 464 044 | Internet: www.levoyageanantes.fr

Cathedrale Saint Pierre Saint Paul
This impressive cathedral is home to the tombs of Francois II, the last Duke of Brittany, and his second wife Marguerite de Foix. Construction of the Gothic building started in 1434 and lasted for four centuries. Address: Place Saint Pierre | Phone: +33 (0)892 46 40 44

Isle of Nantes
On the Isle of Nantes, a perpetually changing area, contemporary architecture has the leading role. On both sides of this territory perched on the Loire River are standing resolutely original and innovative buildings built by the greatest international architects. Formerly occupied by the shipyards (closed in 1987) and by industries, this area is in complete rehabilitation and finds some harmony between the conservation of industrial heritage and the development of a new modern space.
Internet: www.iledenantes.com

Memorial to the abolition of slavery
Nantes was the capital of the slave trade in France: it organised 43% of the French slave trade shipments in the XVIII century. The City wants to assume its past and give shape to the memory via a powerful political gesture. The Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery in Nantes is the biggest in Europe. Located on the Quai de la Fosse, a symbolic place in the city that has seen many slave ships to Africa, the Memorial has been open to the public since March 2012. Following an international competition, the city of Nantes has entrusted the design of the Memorial to Krzysztof Wodiczko, a Polish artist and Julian Bonder, an Argentinian architect. Internet: www.nantes-tourisme.com

Musee Jules Verne
The museum inside this great bourgeois mansion depicts the life and works of writer Jules Verne, one of Nantes’ most famous citizens. Address: 3, Rue de l’Hermitage | Phone: +33 2 40 69 72 52 | Internet: www.nantes-tourisme.com

Embark on a voyage through space as the planetarium brings our universe to life. Located near the Jules Verne museum. Address: 8, Rue des Acadiens | Phone: +33 2 40 73 99 23 | Internet: www.nantes-tourisme.com

Jardin Des Plantes
Nantes boasts 1,000 hectares of green areas open to the public, with some 1 million plants produced every year. Visit the Jardin des Plantes botanical garden to see a priceless collection of exotic plants from America, Asia and Africa. Address: Rue Stanislas-Baudry | Internet: www.jardins.nantes.fr

Tour Lu and the Lieu Unique
Located alongside the Canal Saint-Felix, the old biscuit factory LU revamped by the architect Patrick Bouchain lives to the rhythm of an atypical art centre: the Lieu Unique. Here, you will find a bar, a shop, theatre (nationwide tour venue), a hammam, a day nursery and the picturesque tower of the old LU biscuit factory which offers a uniquely panoramic view of Nantes. Address: Quai Ferdinand Favre | Phone: +33 2 40 12 14 34 | Internet: www.lelieuunique.com

Quartier Bouffay
West of the Cathedral lies the historic medieval quarter of Bouffay, which has retained much of its old charm. A stroll alongside the cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses – some dating back to the 15th century – feels like a jump in time back to the Middle Ages. Address: Quartier Bouffay

Theatre Graslin
An impressive building with an entrance boasting eight Corinthian columns and marble, gold and royal blue velvet inside. It is home to the Opera of Nantes and marks the focal point of the Place Graslin. Address: Place Graslin | Phone: +33 2 40 69 77 18 | Internet: www.angers-nantes-opera.com

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