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Nantes Nightlife

Nantes has a thriving and young nightlife, thanks largely to its growing student population. Whether you are looking for an arty bar to discuss philosophy with like-minded people, or if you just fancy bogeying all night long – Nantes has something for everyone.

L’Univers boasts a wide world selection of ne whiskeys from Ireland to Japan. It hosts regular jazz events in a 30’s atmosphere. Address: 16, Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau | Phone: +33 2 40 73 49 55

Café Cult’
Squeezed inside a darkened half-timbered house and hung with local art, this bohemian place draws a student crowd and sometimes hosts concerts. During the day it serves mega cheap but palate-pleasing lunches for around €7.50. Address: 2, Rue des Carmes | Phone: +33 2 40 47 18 49

Cafe Le Flesselles
This funky bar is frequented by an arty crowd thanks mainly to its regular art events, which include discussions on architecture or philosophy as well as jazz concerts. Address: 3, Allée Flesselles | Phone: +33 2 40 47 66 14

La Maison Cafe
A café/bar in the design of a 1970s house, with a large terrace for the hot summer evenings. Come here to sip a glass of wine on the living room sofa or inside the bathtub. Address: 4, Rue Lebrun | Phone: +33 2 40 37 04 12

Le Wilton
This spacious venue is both a snooker club, boasting some 35 billiard tables, and a discotheque. Address: 21-23, Rue de Rieux | Phone: +33 2 40 12 01 13

Le Marlowe
This disco bar has a very creative design in an American 1960s style and features dance music and rock’n’roll. Make sure you try one of the exotic cocktails on oer. Address: 1, Place Saint Vincent | Phone: +33 2 40 48 47 65

Le bar du Lieu Unique
This Lieu Unique is the place to go, in the old biscuits factory LU lives to the rhythm of an atypical art centre: the lieu unique. Library, theatre, dances venues. DJ’s (free admission) every Friday and Saturday evening. Address: Quai Ferdinand Favre | Phone: +33 2 51 72 05 55

Bars and disco in the Hangar à bananes new area
Addresses of bars and ideas to go out, have a drink and dance in this new part of Nantes. Address: Ile de Nantes - 21, Quai des Antilles | Internet: www.hangarabananes.com

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