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Lyon Restaurants

Cheap Restaurants

This falafel shop is not just vegetarian-friendly but also caters for vegans. Try their skin-on fried potatoes with the red pepper sauce, or go for their raw veg and homemade dips. Their lemonade and iced tea is also made on the premises.  

Address: 17 rue d Algerie | Telephone: 04 7827 4242 |

Bollywood Tandoor
This friendly Indian has a popular lunchtime buffet with plenty of vegetarian options, but as most French people dislike spicy food, many of the dishes are very mild. So if you like your curry hotter just ask the staff and the chef will oblige.

Address: 32 rue de Marseille | Telephone: 04 7270 4907 |

Affordable Restaurants

The decor here is all exposed stonework and wooden tables, while the food is, well, utterly beautiful and packed with intense flavours. Try the red chicken curry or the trout, but leave room for the pistachio and nectarine dessert. 

Address: 15 Rue du Chariot d'Or | Telephone: 04 7823 7361 |

Bangkok Royal
Dining at this place feels like stepping into Thailand: the decor is lovely and they serve all the classics, from satay to green curry. If you like your dishes with a bit of a kick, you'll need to say so: they generally serve the food mild. The garlic prawns are excellent.  

Address: 40 rue Sergent Blandan | Telephone: 04 7828 1983 |

This unusual French restaurant mixes influences from all over the world. Try their Chinese lasagne, or their smoked salmon with citrus sauce. For dessert be brave and order the honey Swiss roll with green tea cream. Get there early as it's very small.

Address: 7 quai de la Pecherie | Telephone: 04 7839 4291 |

La Maison Marie
A very cosy intimate restaurant serving home-made dishes like escalope of foie gras with roasted figs. Try the Lyon speciality, quenelles, which are a kind of dumpling in a lobster sauce.   

Address: 5 rue Tupin | Telephone: 04 7842 3812 |

Good Quality Restaurants

Jeremy Galvan
This place is all about farm-to-table dining. Choose the seven-course "Lachez Prise" menu complete with wine pairings for each course and you'll understand why the chef has already won a Michelin star.

Address: 29 Rue du Boeuf | Telephone: 04 7240 9147 |

The name means "Unexpected" and the menu does contain some twists, such as mushroom sorbet, chocolate cream lasagne, and a chocolate brownie is served with chantilly and Tasmanian pepper. The flavours are all wonderful.

Address: 95 rue Bossuet | Telephone: 04 3724 1344 |

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