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La Face B
Cute café La Face B boasts all kinds of vegan-friendly treats. Dishes such as quinoa balls with courgette curry sauce and pink lentils are sure to hit the spot. Don't leave without treating yourself to one of the (almost) virtuous desserts, such as granola cheesecake and gooey raspberry and almond cookies. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Address: 60 rue D' Esquermes, 59000 | Telephone: +33986236333 |

Chez Bacchus
Looking for the best Lebanese food in Lille? Chez Bacchus is way up there. The chicken shawarma is divine, and you'll also want to dip into the Moutabal - aubergine purée with sesame cream and lemon juice. For dessert try the Mouhalabiye - a milk-based flan with delicious yet delicate pistachio, rose and orange blossom flavours. 

Address: 124 rue des Postes 59000 | Telephone: |

Wally's Coffee
We can confirm that the coffee at Wally's is good enough to merit a place in its title, and the food is top notch too. The menu features such healthy dishes as chickpea curry with coriander rice. If you're feeling a little too virtuous after such a meal, indulge in a wickedly good Freakshake, a milkshake with added goodies such as double cream, brownies and Nutella. Closed Sundays and Mondays. 

Address: 19 place Philippe Lebon, 59000 | Telephone: +33983019785 |

Perhaps the cosiest Japanese restaurant in Lille (prepare for some serious cushion envy), Izumi is the ideal spot to relax over a zen meal. Despite wanting to eat everything on the menu, which is packed with gems such as tender tuna with mango salsa and green tea ice cream, you'll leave feeling lighter.  

Address: 2 rue Jean Sans Peur, 59800 | Telephone: +33320139005 |

Affordable Restaurants

Douss Kréoline
Check out some top notch créole cuisine at Douss Kréoline. We heartily recommend the sweet yet spicy pineapple-caramelised pork. Ideally washed down with some fruit-infused rum - our personal favourite being the kumquat variety .

Address: 6 rue Saint Jacques, 59800 | Telephone: +33682655053 |

Brasserie Comptoir 44
This typical French brasserie is all about proudly embracing history, which is evident from its old-school decor (all bricks, beams and antique engravings) and menu full of classic choices. Try the Duroc pork fillet, which comes with mashed potato and celery as well as lashings of gravy.

Address: 44 Rue de Gand, 59800 | Telephone: 0374116324 |

Dumplings and Co
We're all about delicious dumplings, and we'd say that Dumplings and Co really does do the delicacy justice. Choose from the impressive selection, from xiaolongbao (pork & vegetable) steamed buns to vegetarian jiaozi dumplings. Wash these down with a rose bubble tea and seal the deal with a slice of green tea cheesecake.

Address: 2 rue des 7 Agaches, 59000 | Telephone: +33982608278 |

Chez Raoul Estaminet
If eating moules frites is on your trip checklist, then Chez Raoul Estaminet should be your first port of call. Put on your finest striped top and head to this small, charming café. As you might have guessed by the nautical decor, there are also plenty of other seafood treats to try. Fresh shrimp croquettes, anyone?  

Address: 56 rue de Gand, 59800 | Telephone: +33620261129 |

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