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Lille Nightlife


Le Bar à Mines
If you're after a frills-free feel-good spot to catch a football match, then head to Le Bar à Mines for good vibes, guaranteed. The prices keep the punters happy and draw in high spirits from the world around. The drinks menu is equally international - why not try a spiced rum from Trinidad and Tobago?    

Address: 11 place Jacques Louchart, 59800 | Telephone: |

La Dilettante
Loved up in Lille and looking for a romantic backdrop for a date night? Head straight to the plant room tucked at the back of hip bar La Dilettante. Get ready to snuggle up with an organic pear cider among coloured cushions and rustic red brick walls festooned with greenery and fairy lights - magical.

Address: 3 Rue Ropra, 59800 | Telephone: +33648041404 |

Apératifs on the terrace of L'Imaginaire are the stuff that dreams are made of. Just imagine the last lazy rays of the day, a cold beer and a view of the gorgeous, gothic Sainte-Catherine church. We don't know about you but just the thought is bringing our pulse down...      

Address: 5 place Louise de Bettignies, 59800 | Telephone: |

La Luck
This bar dedicated to board games is winning the Lille locals over, with hip, young crowds competing for seats. Some 1,000 games are available and there are even open tables for those up for taking on new opponents. There are a dozen craft beers on tap, with new ones to try each month, and game masters are on hand to explain the rules, which is handy for keeping arguments about cheating to a minimum...

Address: 1 bis rue Princesse, 59800 | Telephone: |


La Plage
Forget nights out on the tiles, it's all about the sand at La Plage. It's impossible not to get into the summer state of mind, thanks to the kitsch props (paddling pools and palm trees) and numerous beach-themed party nights, from Baywatch to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Address: 122 Bis rue de Solférino, 59800 | Telephone: +33320570416 |

 A hot contender for Lille's best beer garden, Beerstro is a no-brainer for those snubbing French wine in favour of a cheeky pint. If none of the bottles from the well-stocked beer cellar tickle your fancy then pour yourself a pint of draught beer from one of the dozen self-service taps. We'd strongly suggest savouring your selection under the shade of bamboo and olive trees on the gorgeous terrace.

Address: 10 Rue du Pont Neuf, 59000 | Telephone: +33320513063 |

Joker Bar
Joker Bar is far more serious about cocktails than its name might lead you to believe. The passionate staff have got the ever-changing menu down to a fine art. You'll be treated to something as delicious as a Belgium Fashioned, a bitter-sweet beauty boasting whisky, picon, cointreau and a frothy top with a sprinkling of speculoos biscuit.

Address: 29 place Louise de Bettignies, 59800 | Telephone: |

Atomic Rabbit
The simple fact that you're on holiday shouldn't stop you from taking part in the great French tradition: the after work drink. Join the locals in soaking up some techno or electro beats or, better still, try some local beer. Mountche is made with hops from the region, and sampling it definitely counts as being a good tourist.   

Address: 5 place St Joseph, 59800 | Telephone: +33320047274 |

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