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La Rochelle Restaurants

Cheap Restaurants

A great place to know. Their lunches are spot-on, their early evening drinks easy on the pocket. Sunday morning brunch (from 11am) is a classic and if you want to polish up your French go for the Wednesday quiz, but beware, they close as early as 8pm.

Address: 23 Rue Leonce Vieljeux | Telephone: +33546276855 |

44 Cafe
Just two steps off the tourist drag, this cafe sells the best sandwiches and coffee in La Rochelle. The bread is freshly baked and crusty, and the fillings are generous. Their delicious vegan sandwiches are made with fresh salads and tomato pesto instead of butter.

Address: 44 rue du Minage | Telephone: 09 8452 7600 |

Affordable Restaurants

Les Pérot-Quais
The "assiettes" here are like a starter and main course all in one, including things like grilled salmon, green salad, steak, a slice of brie... it sounds a bit odd but it works and is really filling. Walk through the restaurant and there's a small bar at the back where you can just have a drink.  

Address: 15 Rue St Jean du Perot | Telephone: 05 4641 4368 |

Bistrot du Port
The seafood couscous is a delight, as are the quirky wall paintings in the dining room. Service is friendly and there's plenty of choice for those who don't eat shellfish including gourmet burgers but it would be a shame to miss their famous seafood platter. 

Address: 5 Bis Rue du Port | Telephone: 05 4641 3950 |

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