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Cheap flights to Rovaniemi

Frozen lakes, igloo houses and Santa’s village; Rovaniemi is truly a place where fantasy and reality collide. 

The official hometown of Father Christmas is an exotic place of snow and ice throughout the festive months – you can even eat and sleep in buildings made of them. Christmas is the perfect time to get the full Lapland experience but travellers can meet Santa any day of the year at his workshop in Santa’s Village. Children can also visit the post office where hundreds of thousands of letters are sent to Santa every year. A very helpful elf will even stamp outgoing letters with a special Arctic Circle seal as a momento for back home. 

If you’re travelling to see the Northern Lights they’re best seen under the cover of an igloo or reclining in an open ice spa where you can bask in the colourful display. 

In the warmer months the “Midnight Sun” attracts tourists from around the globe where the sun officially stays above the horizon for a full 24 hours between June and July. With so much daylight there’s plenty of time to cram in adventure activities such as jet skiing, horseback riding and hiking. 

Sleep? Do it later. 

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