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Copenhagen Shopping

Royal Copenhagen: The impressive flagship store of the world-renowned Danish porcelain manufacturer is a stunning shop and museum in one. The brand's entire collection is housed here - including exclusive examples of the historic blue fluted design that has graced this exquisite tableware since 1775. Just don't forget to bring a spare suitcase. www.royalcopenhagen.dk

Defend Kronborg: The year is 1658, and the enemy hordes are poised to conquer Kronborg Castle. All that stands in their way is a small band of brave soldiers, sworn to defend the keep at all costs. Step into their shoes during this adrenaline-fuelled reenactment of the Swedish siege of Kronborg, and learn how to fire a cannon, walk in step and wield a sword. kronborg.dk

Hole In Space at Nicolaj Kunsthal. Lose your sense of time and space at this family-friendly exhibition inside one of Copenhagen's oldest churches, where you can explore an otherworldly universe of crashed satellites, soft meteor showers and weightless globes. nikolajkunsthal.dk/

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