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Cheap flights to Aarhus

Prepare for enough Scandi cool to knock your thermal socks off!

Aarhus’ cool credentials may have been overshadowed by Denmark’s consummate capital Copenhagen, but people are starting to cotton onto the charming city. The second largest destination in Denmark is emerging as a must-do location for savvy city breakers, foodies and those looking for a little more than the typical capital city grind. 

It’s hard not to fall for the town’s charm and you will soon see why it’s referred to as the city of smiles. The ever expanding architectural sights, festivals, boutique shopping and restaurants are a mark of a city on the rise. It is also a great place to explore and is exceptionally photogenic giving you plenty of punch for your Instagram snaps. It has some weighty accolades to shore up its appeal too. In 2017 it was named as the European Capital of Culture and the European Region of Gastronomy. 

The perfect day in Aarhus begins with coffee and a slice of bread or a pastry. If you want to eat like a local, try a kanelstang otherwise known as a cinnamon bun, or a slice of fresh sourdough kissed by soft, homemade Danish butter.

When in Denmark, get around by bike. This goes double if you can’t resist the city’s food. Even though most of the city is easily walked, you can act as locals do and snag a free bike for the day from Aarhus City Bikes.

For sights, check out the city’s most beautiful street the Møllestien. The cobbled street and picturesque 18th century houses lead you onto the Vestergade where the Gallerie Image and Lunch Money gallery are located and those with little time can still get their cultural hit by stopping by the exhibition space Lynfabbriken Box and peer inside through its big windows, where works of art are usually displayed. 


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