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Described as a little Vienna, Croatia’s capital Zagreb is a mishmash of elegant Austro-Hungarian buildings and cobbled medieval streets just waiting to be explored. Often overlooked by tourists who prefer to sun themselves on Croatia’s stunning beaches,

Zagreb is a great choice for a city break destination with a difference. Think beautiful squares packed with Art Noveau and Baroque buildings, parks full of locals soaking up the summer sun and an atmosphere that combines a mix of Balkan and Central European cultures. And even though it has all the beauty of Prague and Budapest, it doesn’t quite have the reputation – yet – meaning you’ll be able to explore to your heart’s content, minus the tourist crowds. 



Head to Hrelic - Zagreb's largest flea market is a feast for the senses and real window into local life. Great for unusual souvenirs.

Natura Croatica. Croatia boasts a superb food and drink scene, and provenance is a serious business. Head here for natural/organic goodies that make for an ideal picnic (Preradovi?eva ul. 8, tel 01 485 5076).

Hrelic - you will find things you did not even know existed at Zagreb's largest flea market. Great for unusual souvenirs and presents bought to confuse your mates. Sunday mornings only (Sajmisna Cesta 8).

Buy a tie at Croata. The humble tie was invented in Croatia (via the word cravat) and Croata claims to be the oldest tie maker in the country. Ideal for souvenirs. Kaptol 13. Tel. 01-4814 600.

Key Areas

Upper Town - This cobbled oasis of baroque beauty is awash with museums, cafes and restaurants. Save plenty of time for exploring and don't miss the Museum of Broken Relationships, guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.

Trg Ban Jelacica - The city's main square is a great place to just relax and take Zagreb's pulse, so recline in a pavement café and watch the crowds breeze on and off the busy trams. The main tourist office is handily here too.

Tkaliceva - Zagreb's hippest café strewn street comes alive in spring as the café tables spill back on to the cobbles. Come to see and be seen before summer tempts the cognoscenti back to the coast.

Go to Lower Town. Zagreb's graceful sweep of parks look gorgeous in winter, when snow lines the walkways and kids build snowmen. The plentiful museums and art galleries offer respite from the cold.

Day Trips

Mount Medvednica - In Winter it's all about the skiing, but autumn sees hikers and mountain bikers enjoy gorgeous seasonal colours as they bash around the slopes of Zagreb's mountain. Epic views too.

You won't see much evidence of the 1990s war in Zagreb, but head south down the motorway to Karlovac and the scars are all too evident. Nearby Turanj has the country's most striking war museum.

Samobar - This cute mountain hideaway is only a bus ride from Zagreb, but it feels a million miles away. Retreat to a world of hills, forests and beguiling churches. The delicious Samoborska kremšnita cream cake hails from here too. We're just saying...

Escape to Ski Medvednica. Not many European capitals offer skiing 20 minutes from downtown, but Zagreb certainly does in the form of Medvednica. Conditions are good enough to have reared an Olympic champion, Janica Kostelic.

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