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Tucked away on the northern end of Croatia’s Dalmation Coast, Zadar’s beautiful and peaceful, and the perfect place to get back to nature.

Marble streets, whitewashed houses and Roman ruins welcome visitors to Zadar, a walled city on Croatia’s Dalmation Coast.  

While partygoers and exchange students head for Dubrovnik and Split, Zadar’s the kind of place people go when they want to spend a few quiet days getting back to nature.

The old town is a lovely introduction to the city, the picturesque squares and a burgeoning café scene inviting visitors to sit back and watch the world go by. There are plenty of well-maintained churches – not far from the market area, St Andrew's is particularly atmospheric, with some parts of the building dating back to the 5th century. Ancient frescos decorate the walls, and local galleries often hold exhibitions in the space.

Dining is a typical Mediterranean affair – in the summer all restaurants have tables outside, with grilled seafood, salads, and pasta dishes featuring heavily on most menus. Nearly everything in the town is within walking distance, and many restaurants overlook the Adriatic.

A small student population keeps the local bars – most centred around the old town – open until late.

It’s almost impossible to visit Zadar and not spend some time on the water. Here, scented pine trees lead to deserted beaches, and sailing boats bob around the region’s tiny islands before dropping anchor outside konobas – traditional coastside restaurants – where dinner is freshly prepared for each guest. The hinterland is just as spectacular: no less than three national parks sit between the coast and Zadar’s mountain ranges, each packed with mountains to hike, paths to cycle, and saltwater lakes for swimming.

Whether you’re looking for a break from the crowds or some outdoor adventure, Zadar has something to suit every type of holiday.

See more at: http://zadar.zadar.hr/en/ or http://region.zadar.hr/en/



Museum of Illusions, Poljana Zemaljskog Odbora 2. Enter this fascinating museum that will play tricks on your eyes and boggle your mind as you explore entertaining visual illusions. They have a large collection of holograms to visit, a playroom which has tons of educational games and puzzles that will take a toll on your brain, plus so much more.

Key Areas

Crolicious Gourmet & Gift Shop, Vladimira Papafave 1 If you want to take home a tasty Croatian treat then this is the place to hit up for tons of goodies. They have an array of Croatian products to offer, especially from the region of Dalmatia, such as delicious wines and liqueurs. They even have homemade cosmetic products for all your beauty needs.

Day Trips

Ugljan This island's name must feel like an indecipherable mouthful to the eyes of the foreigner, but it comes from the Croatian word ‘ulje' meaning oil, which is fitting for an island known for its olive oil production. Visit the tiny fishermen villages, the coves and the olive trees during your stay on this beautiful island.

Dugi otok Take a ferry to Dugi otok and enjoy one of their many beaches for the day. During your stay, climb up to a hamlet located on one of the hilltops or laze around by the water in a fishing village. As well, don't miss out on seeing the Nature Park Telaš?ica.

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