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One of Europe’s stunners when it comes to scenery, and right up there in the culture and nightlife departments too. Holidays to Romania offer you more than you think.

Romania is best known as vampire country, home to the region of Transylvania and the grisly figure of Vlad the Impaler, upon whom Dracula was based. And even today this is still a major draw for tourists who revel in the country’s spooky castles and olde-worlde towns. But Romania has a lot more to offer besides myths about blood sucking bats. Prepare to be blown away by the striking natural beauty and the rich cultural heritage that can be found throughout this country. Add to this its busy cities, which illustrate the changing face of Romania during its long and often turbulent history and you have a country packed with things to see and do for all types of travellers.

For intrepid cyclists and hikers, Romania is a dream come true. Enchanting landscapes abound full of dramatic mountain ranges and seemingly endless rolling plains, meadows and woodland, liberally sprinkled with villages that seem to have been picked up out of the past and dropped into the modern day. If you’re on a vampire hunt then Transylvania will tick all the boxes – obviously – while the Carpathian Mountains will leave you open-mouthed with their staggering beauty. Along your way stop into some of the region’s beautifully preserved Saxon towns - Sighişoara is a must and it’s also the birthplace of ‘Dracula’. And while we can’t promise you the man himself, we can tell you that you’ll also find a range of skiing, rock climbing and mountaineering possibilities. If you do encounter any vampires here, one thing’s for sure they’ll have strong legs.

Romania’s capital is another story entirely. Set apart from the rustic simplicity of the majority of the country, get ready for the kind of trendy and teeming metropolis you’re used to – with a distinctly Eastern European feel, of course. In Bucharest you’ll find beautiful Baroque and Neoclassical architecture standing face-to-face communist edifices, while along the street you’ll uncover modern state-of-the-art nightclubs sat next to cosy cellar bars. Museums, galleries and cultural attractions of all kinds add to the appeal of this diverse city bringing you an insight into this compelling country. A country that has some pretty fantastic beaches too. Did we forget to mention that? Get down to the Black Sea city of Constanta and the beach resort of Mamaia to see what we mean. And at these prices you’d be mad not to.


Romania weather

Romania experiences a continental climate of four very pronounced seasons. So you can expect warm summers followed by chilly winters with much of the country covered in a blanket of snow. Summers across the country can reach anything up to 30 degrees in temperature, although you’ll find the eastern side of the country is hotter than the west. The best times to visit are generally spring and autumn if you don’t like the heat or you’re not coming to ski or enjoy Bucharest decked out in snow. 


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