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Why fly easyJet for business 
At easyJet we are all about making travel easy and affordable. That means we can help you to get more value from your travel spend. We fly to more primary airports delivering business travellers to their meetings quickly, along with having flexible products and a comfortable and efficient travel experience. Now that makes business sense! 

Business by easyJet  
Why easyJet and London Gatwick make business sense. 

The customer journey – easyJet Business Insight  
At easyJet everything we do is about making business travel easy and affordable. Find out how we are listening to our customers and making small changes to improve the travel experience. That makes business sense. 

Business by easyJet  
Flying easyJet for business makes business sense. We offer a network of primary airports, business friendly schedules, allocated seating, flexible business fares, whilst saving your company money on their travel spend. 

Business Travel Show 2014
Ruth Spratt, Head of European Sales, explains how easyJet is listening to travel managers to make our offering better and easier for business travellers. 

Keeping the planes flying in the winter 
Find out how we keep our fleet of over 220 aircraft flying whatever the weather and see how we use new technology to save waste and money.  

Getting you there on time 
Get a unique insight into easyJet’s Operation Control Centre and see what we do every day to make sure you arrive at your destination on time.  

Business by easyJet
1 out of 5 passengers choose to fly with easyJet on business, this is more than 12 million people a year, and here is your chance to discover how we make their travel easy and affordable. 
Innovating the airline 
See how easyJet is introducing innovative new technologies including; ash cloud detection, drones, augmented reality and paperless planes. 

Our new livery unveiled 
Our new livery is the first change to the look of our fleet since easyJet.com replaced the call centre number on the fuselage in 1998 

easyJet Innovation Event 2015  
easyJet applies cutting-edge technologies to its operation with the aim of eliminating technical delays and making travel easier for passengers. 

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