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Are you a window or aisle?

In the early days of low cost carriers, passengers had to take part in a scramble to their favourite seat on-board. Elbows at the ready and handbags at dawn, passengers had to have nerves of steel to secure their seat.

Those days have long gone. Flying low cost has become much more civilised. easyJet was one of the first low cost carriers to introduce allocated seating back in 2012. Today everyone gets a seat allocated in advance.

We all have a preference to either sitting in a window or aisle seat and opinion is split. Some passengers prefer the ease of sitting in an aisle seat and others would do anything to be next to the window and stare out over the clouds.

For some travellers the view from an aeroplane window as they climb out of a murky, cloudy morning and break through the cotton wool to reveal a stunning bright blue sky is too good to miss. It is not often that you can look down on cities with their tiny coloured lights at night and endless countryside with green patchwork fields by day. Every country looks different from the sky and on a longer flight you gradually see the colours change before your eyes.

As you descend into a different world to the one you left only a few hours ago, you can see cars rushing along motorways and trains winding through cities full of commuters going about their lives oblivious to you and the orange plane that’s travelled hundreds of miles from a rain swept Luton Airport.

Admittedly it’s not that easy when you sit in a window seat to get past two sleepy strangers to visit the toilet or stretch your legs so many choose an aisle seat. But in doing so you miss out on seeing something that until a hundred years ago no one on earth had ever seen, our world from above. On an easyJet flight you can look out from your window seat and see the Eiffel tower, city of London, snow covered peaks of the Alps, glittering glass houses of the Netherlands, white washed pueblos of Spain and miniature football matches miles below.

For a small fee all passengers can choose the exact seat they prefer, be it window or aisle and everyone with Inclusive, Flexi Fares or easyJet Plus get to choose their ideal seat for free.

The only question that remains is, which one are you?

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