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Luxury? On a Low Cost Carrier?

If we’re being honest, ‘luxury’ isn’t a word we’d usually associate with a low-cost carrier...

When you board a low-cost flight, you’re not expecting a chilled glass of sparkling wine or a set of fluffy slippers. But when it comes down to it, what are the luxuries that really do matter? Particularly when you’re travelling for business?

In my mind, a luxury business flight is one that will get me to my destination in the most effective way possible, so I can get back to business. Sounds simple enough, but it has become so rare that it really can be considered a luxury.

Digging a little deeper, here are my top three business travel luxuries:
1. First, I want to get back the luxury of time with on-time performance. That means I check who’s on time the most to my particular destinations and who flies with the best schedule so that when I’m on business I can get the most out of my working day.

2. And when time and ease come to mind as a luxurious commodity, I want it to go a step further with speed through the airport. There’s nothing more frustratingly time wasting than waiting in queues. So I always choose a service that gives me the option to fast track through security.

3. I also want my organisation to keep investing in travel. And to do that, they need to see ROI. So with cheaper costs per flight, a company is able to gain a greater return on their travel investment. Which means employees can continue to have the luxury of travelling for business to grow their business.

Speaking of travel investment, we’ve seen through the Oxford Economics’ report that travel business really is so much more than an expense line. In fact, it delivers significant return on investment, which is a luxury for any organisation. The report found that companies who spent the most on business travel through the GFC posted higher revenues and profits than others. In contrast, companies that reduced business travel spending were more likely to see a decline in profits.

So when you’re thinking about who to fly with for your next business trip, think about the luxuries that matter most. If it’s being efficient so you can get the most out of your working day, and be effective with your company’s travel investment, then look to include low cost carriers. It just makes business sense.

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