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Challenge your Travel Policy

There is no question that travel is critical for business growth.

According to the GBTA Foundation Forecasts for Western Europe, business travel in 2015 is expected to increase by a further 6.6% to €156.8 billion as overall spending picks up. We know that critical to this growth is the role that business travel plays in helping companies to obtain new customers and retain existing ones, specifically, the impact of in-person meetings on prospect conversion.

So while we know that investment in travel is a critical driver of business growth, it remains a common challenge to truly maximise that investment. This is where value-driven, well-communicated travel policies become so important. If your organisation doesn’t yet have a travel policy or has been relaxed in staff compliance, it’s time to turn that around.

While you’re creating or finessing your company’s bespoke travel policy, consider the way you incorporate low-cost carriers into your mix. When your employees travel for pleasure, they think about:
  • Who is flying to the destination I need to travel to?
  • What is the schedule like?
  • Is the airline reliable?
  • Most importantly – how much is it going to cost me?
It’s this decision making that has led so many travellers to low-cost carriers, so it’s common sense to adopt the same thought process in your company’s business travel policies.

At easyJet, we not only provide cost-effective tickets so you can get the most out of your travel investment, but we have also tailored our experience specifically with the business traveller in mind. Our business model ensures your staff can be effective when flying; with superior on-time performance, fast-track security options, business friendly schedules and ticket flexibility. We also fly to more European airports than any other airline, so your staff maximise their time. With upgrades to allocated seating and extra legroom available, they also don’t need to compromise on their comfort.

So if you are looking to finesse your company’s travel policy, consider bringing a low-cost carrier into the mix. It’s not just about cost saving; it’s about efficiency and productivity. By giving your travellers the option to fly with a low-cost carrier, you’re allowing them the flexibility they need to maximise their effectiveness, while your company reaps the rewards. With full oversight of your travel budget, you can determine that infamous return on investment and continue to invest in travel. When you’re thinking about your business travel decisions, think about what makes business sense.

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