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If you can cast your mind back 20 years, you may experience some flashbacks of lengthy, tiresome airport encounters...

No international trip was complete without a 3-hour stay at the airport, involving seemingly endless queues at every turn. Armed with an exploding travel wallet full of papers, it was no wonder that air travel became fraught with anxiety. Paper itineraries, paper tickets, paper insurance confirmations, paper boarding passes, paper luggage confirmations – it could quickly become too much!

Fast forward to today, and the airport experience is (thankfully) very different. In many airports, all that’s required to travel is a mobile phone and a passport. Speeding through processes that have been optimised and designed specifically for efficiency and ease of travel, travellers are now able to maximise their (short) time at the airport. Business travellers in particular are now left with more time to plug in (or switch off), and less time to be wasted in queues and confusion.

easyJet is one airline that is currently focusing heavily on improving this airline experience – particularly for business travellers – in line with its mission of making business travel easy and affordable. In fact, many travellers will be aware that easyJet is currently in the process of consolidating its two terminals out of the London Gatwick Airport, which was often a point of confusion and inconvenience for travellers. By moving all flights to the North terminal by the end of 2016, easyJet has the opportunity to plan and deliver an improved experience for passengers.

Perhaps most notable in this new terminal is its focus on innovation. As a progressive step forward, travellers now have the option to use auto baggage drop kiosks, which allows for a seamless check in process. Passengers simply scan their boarding pass (already printed at home, after checking in up to 30 days in advance), put their bag on the luggage belt, take a tag, and receive their confirmation. Without queues and fully automated, it’s an innovative solution for time-pressed passengers.

In addition, easyJet app’s new ‘Mobile Host’ functionality is also helping travellers, by guiding them through the airport process. They receive helpful and timely guidance, directions and essential travel updates throughout every step of their journey. Whether it be a reminder to check in online before travelling to the airport, providing directions to the best bag drop kiosk or giving live flight updates and directions to the gate as soon as it is open. With live data from the airport as well as utilisation of Google’s indoor maps, the most useful instructions and updates are available to passengers, so they can maximise their time on the day of their travel.

With the many advancements to travel booking and flying, it’s comforting to see the airport experience also following suit. When these services work seamlessly together, it only serves to improve the experience for travellers. For business travellers in particular, it means that every moment of their trip can be optimised, which in turn, delivers greater value to your business. It just makes business sense.

Find out more about the easyJet mobile host.

Anthony Drury
Head of Business - easyJet

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