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20 Top tips for business travel -
Provided by our LinkedIn followers

To celebrate our 20th birthday, we asked our LinkedIn followers to share their top tips for business travel:

  1. Always carry a 3-way splitter plug. There always seems to be a shortage of electrical outlets in the waiting area of the airport for phones, tablets and laptops. So simply unplug someone's phone, plug the splitter into the outlet they were using and plug their phone back in. Now there is an open outlet for your use... Everyone is happy.

  2. Always travel with clothes that don't need ironing.

  3. Talk to the person sitting next to you. You never know what opportunities it could bring.

  4. If you are tall like me book the aisle seat, wear flat shoes and take good reading material.

  5. If you run out of space in your suitcase, carefully roll up trousers, skirts and tops. They are less likely to crease to.

  6. Save money by looking at all your flight options and don’t be afraid to pick a low cost airline for business.

  7. Print off what you need to review for your meetings, you can read it anytime, make notes and you don’t need power or a connection! Keep it simple!

  8. Pay a little extra to speed through security in the priority lane.

  9. Use a bus to get from the airport to the city centre. It’s much cheaper!

  10. Always use online check in and use the mobile app for your boarding pass.

  11. Pack a smaller size bag and carry your clothes in vacuum pack to save space and keep organised.

  12. Keep a pre-packed toiletries bag (nothing over 100ml), chargers etc in the same place at home so it's quick and easy to find them for a trip.

  13. Make sure the airport you fly into is nearest to where your meeting takes place and not hours away.

  14. Have a packing list so you never forget anything.

  15. Take a world adapter that has built-in USB ports - great for multi-tasking and charging multiple devices.

  16. Travel with light luggage, all travel documents on your phone, stay fresh and smart ... trying to be on time!

  17. Be at the front of the boarding queue to make sure you get space in the overhead locker.

  18. Drinking water will help keep you alert and refreshed before you arrive at your business meeting! Keeping hydrated also means you won't be as prone to dry and tired looking skin (always one us ladies are concerned about when travelling for business or leisure!)

  19. Book your business flight earlier to get a cheaper fare.

  20. Go on board with your favourite music and a banana. Just in case. Don't ask me why, just do it!

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