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Welcome to the easyJet Business Hub, the place to find insight into business travel and get behind the scenes information on how we run a successful airline.

In the Business Hub we share some of our own best practice which you can use to add value to your own company. Ever wondered how easyJet delivers one of the best on-time performances in the industry, manages a comprehensive network linking Europe’s key business centres, places safety at the heart of everything it does and still offers great value fares without compromising on service? Here is where you can find out.

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Managing our fuel: On time performance and fuel efficiency
Fuel is our biggest cost, so as a low-cost airline, how do we manage this? Chris Foster, Flight Operations Manager, talks through the different ways that easyJet uses best practices and innovation to control our fuel bill.... (Read more...)

Cabin Crew Blog - Changing perceptions
Manchester Cabin Manager, Ryan McMahon, who joined easyJet back in 2008 talks through the transformation process over the past 8 years and how easyJet has altered the perception of low-cost carriers... (Read more...)

Is Cabin Crew for you?
Ever wondered if a career as Cabin Crew would be right for you? Lee Cross, Cabin Manager at Liverpool John Lennon Airport describes his journey and gives insight into a typical day at work... (Read more...)

The Future of Travel Bookings
easyJet’s distribution expert, Marilyn Barnett, talks about what the future holds for travel bookings. In a world where technology is moving faster than ever, what will the future dynamics of corporate booking look like?... (Read more...)

How do we launch a new destination – Part 1
Find out how we work as one team to turn idea into reality, with our 3-part blog series on our new network point process. Part 1 - Assessing the new route:... (Read more...)

Data security and the importance of getting it right
Information is undoubtedly your, and your organisation’s, most valuable asset. easyJet’s Head of Information Security, James Hall shares some top tips to help protect your information…(Read more...)

Airports of the future
If you can cast your mind back 20 years, you may experience some flashbacks of lengthy, tiresome airport encounters.... (Read more...)

Who is looking out for you?
It’s an unfortunate reality that today’s travel climate is one of disruption. Whether it is security concerns, strikes, or even storms and ash clouds, there are uncountable factors that can impact an employee’s ability to travel safely.... (Read more...)

Techtalk: Solution Delivery
As part of our tech generation, Richard Hilsley gives us an insight into Solution Delivery at easyJet.... (Read more...)

Inside the easyJet nerve centre
Here in the Operations Control Centre (OCC), we are at the heart of operation and we are passionate about trying to maintain our on-time performance (OTP), safely and efficiently... (Read more...)

20 Top tips for business travel
To celebrate our 20th birthday, we asked our LinkedIn followers to share their top tips for business travel (as provided by our LinkedIn followers)... (Read more...)

Uncover the real cost of your business travel
It’s a story we’re all too familiar with. A seemingly simple business flight becomes an exercise so costly that’s almost worthy of its own corporate card. While the fare may be set, it’s those additional unforseen items that really begin to add up... (Read more...)

Make business travel easy, efficient and future-proof
Ask anyone how they book their personal travel, and the answer is simple. “Go online. Book a flight. Book accommodation. Job done.” In fact, for younger generations and those booking shorter leisure trips, visits to a travel agent are being reduced as searching and booking online becomes ever more frequent... (Read more...)

Are you a window or aisle?
In the early days of low cost carriers, passengers had to take part in a scramble to their favourite seat on-board. Elbows at the ready and handbags at dawn, passengers had to have nerves of steel to secure their seat... (Read more...)

 Looking back at 20 years of Business Travel
This year, we are thrilled to be celebrating easyJet’s 20-year anniversary. If those walls inside our aircraft could talk, they would no doubt be telling some remarkable stories... (Read more...)

Telepresence – Did we miss it?
If you cast your mind back just a few years, you may recall a time when it seemed that everyone was talking about telepresence. It was set to revolutionise the way we did business, transform the way we communicated, and eliminate the need for business travel... (Read more...)

 Top 3 Tips to Reduce your Business Travel Costs
Today we have the world’s most sophisticated email systems, the most high-tech video conferencing tools, and a never-ending buffet of social media platforms. Yet the value of a handshake has never been stronger. Perhaps it’s because we have all these tools at our disposal that the return on business travel investment is greater than ever... (Read more...)

 Can Business Travellers Have Any Real Freedom?
Travel – by its very definition – should be about freedom. Taking off, leaving expectations behind, discovering somewhere new and embracing the unknown… However, when it comes to business travel, freedom is not often the first word that jumps to mind... (Read more...)

 Training as an easyJet pilot (cont.)
In my last blog I had completed my initial training, taking me to a point where I was qualified to operate the Airbus A320, and ready to join the airline. After 18 months of intense training, and a few weeks to rest and recuperate, the batteries were charged and day one with easyJet had arrived..... (Read more...)

 Training as an easyJet pilot
My name is Kieran McTaggart, a recently qualified First Officer flying for easyJet out of the airlines largest base, Gatwick. Previously I worked as an Air traffic controller, playing what can only be described as the most complex video game invented, but after many years of saving and waiting for the right cadetship to come up, in 2013 I began my training with CTC aviation.... (Read more...)

 easyJet Pilot Blog 3 : Cleared to land – Captain Simon Lewis
For you the passenger, preparing for landing simply means fastening your seatbelt and making sure your window blind is open, but for pilots in the cockpit there is a lot of work to do. From flying at over 500mph or about three quarters the speed of sound, it is now time to really start concentrating on our arrival into Glasgow...(Read more...)

 Is It Time You Adjusted Your Travel RFP?
In years gone by, sending your travel RFP out to pitch was perfectly logical. Airlines would come back with competitive offers, your organisation would select a preferred carrier based on their proposals, and generally, a nice chunky rebate would end up in your company’s pocket every time your employees hopped on a plane. It worked, because really, there was no better option... (Read more...)

 easyJet Pilot Blog 2 : Getting you airborne – Captain Simon Lewis
When you’re settling into your seat ready for take-off you’ll notice an army of people preparing your aircraft to get into the air. Our Ground Crew are responsible for the quick turn-around of flights, which in easyJet’s case happens in only 25 minutes. Less time on the ground means more time in the air and if we can utilise our aircraft more each day, we can offer you lower fares...(Read more...)

 easyJet Pilot Blog 1 : Getting you there on time – Captain Simon Lewis
easyJet has a great record of on-time performance and for business travellers, where time is at a premium, it’s even more important that we deliver you to your meeting promptly. So how do we manage this? Well as an easyJet pilot we have a very important role to play, let me explain...(Read more...)

 The Travel Booking Secret You Wish You Knew About
We get it. Booking business travel is hardly on your list of Today’s Top Activities. Finding the right flight, making sure it’s with your company’s approved vendors, reconciling your expenses … The process alone can be enough to make you want to stay home. (Read more...)

What are reward points costing your business?
For many years traditional flag carrying airlines have attracted regular business passengers through offering loyalty reward schemes. Air Miles was created in 1986 by British Caledonian and its advertising company. It was quickly snapped up by British Airways when it absorbing British Caledonian.

Today the scheme is known as Avios and like all reward programs it plays a role in marketing the airline. (Read more...)

 Luxury? On a Low Cost Carrier?
If we’re being honest, ‘luxury’ isn’t a word we’d usually associate with a low-cost carrier. When you board a low-cost flight, you’re not expecting a chilled glass of sparkling wine or a set of fluffy slippers. But when it comes down to it, what are the luxuries that really do matter? Particularly when you’re travelling for business? (Read more...)

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Why fly easyJet for business 
At easyJet we are all about making travel easy and affordable. That means we can help you to get more value from your travel spend. We fly to more primary airports delivering business travellers to their meetings quickly, along with having flexible products and a comfortable and efficient travel experience. Now that makes business sense! 

Business by easyJet  
Why easyJet and London Gatwick make business sense. 

The customer journey – easyJet Business Insight  
At easyJet everything we do is about making business travel easy and affordable. Find out how we are listening to our customers and making small changes to improve the travel experience. That makes business sense. 

Getting you there on time 
Get a unique insight into easyJet’s Operation Control Centre and see what we do every day to make sure you arrive at your destination on time.  

Business by easyJet  
Flying easyJet for business makes business sense. We offer a network of primary airports, business friendly schedules, allocated seating, flexible business fares, whilst saving your company money on their travel spend. 

easyJet Innovation Event 2015  
easyJet applies cutting-edge technologies to its operation with the aim of eliminating technical delays and making travel easier for passengers. 

Our new livery unveiled 
Our new livery is the first change to the look of our fleet since easyJet.com replaced the call centre number on the fuselage in 1998 

Keeping the planes flying in the winter 
Find out how we keep our fleet of over 220 aircraft flying whatever the weather and see how we use new technology to save waste and money.