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Warning! easyJet's Acceptable Use Policy

Warning! We have identified your booking as coming from a website which is not licensed to sell our flights. Screen scraping, the technology used by these websites, is strictly prohibited by easyJet's Acceptable Use Policy.

If you have received this message in error and were trying to make your booking direct on easyJet.com, please send an email to blocked@easyJet.com and tell us the following:

• Your email address
• The time of your booking attempt
• Your IP address (which consists of four sets of 1-3 digits in the format (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX). Find out what your IP address is. 

If you give us all three pieces of information we will restore your access to easyJet.com within 30 minutes.

Please note that your booking has NOT been made, your credit card details have NOT been stored, and payment has NOT been taken.

Remember, by booking on a travel agency website you will often be charged more for our easyJet flights than if you book at easyJet.com, where you will always find our lowest prices. To book direct simply go to easyJet.com.